From the moment he was able to reach the keys on his mother’s upright piano, or pick up the 4-string guitar his father bought for the family, Mick Staebell knew he had an insatiable desire for music. What he didn’t know, is that his desire would drive him to perform over 2,000 shows throughout the Midwest during the next 40 years.

Band Timeline:

1971 – “Threshold”


Mick’s first real band…in addition to playing string bass in his high school jazz band, he also found the time to play in a high school rock band called Threshold, a 5-piece band including guitar, bass, drums, electric piano, and organ.

1975 – “Mick and Mike”


Mick convinced a local restaurant/bar owner to book Mick and Mike, a piano/guitar duo at Sutters Mill  every other weekend. Soon Mick found himself playing solo and duo shows at places like the Twin Torch Inn, the Apartment Lounge, and other venues in the area.

 1976 – “Hay Fever”


The following year, a local musician asked Mick to join a new country band called Hay Fever, fashioning red and white checkered shirts, playing small clubs in northeast Iowa. This 5-piece band included guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and a female singer.

1977 –  “Sagebrush”


Bill Smith – bass, Warren Pohl – guitar, Mike McGourty – drums, Mick Staebell – keys, Al St. John – guitar

It wasn’t long before Mick was recruited by one of the top bands in the area, called Sagebrush, to “sit in” with them. Their lead singer/guitarist was planning on leaving the band and after just one practice session, Mick decided to join, the lead singer decided to stay, and the band became one of the hottest bands in the area, opening for acts such as Faron Young, Conway Twitty, Jody Miller, and others.

1980 – “Sage”


Bill Smith – bass, Warren Pohl – guitar, Mike McGourty – drums, Mick Staebell – keys

As the decade of the 80’s approached, the band knew it had to change with the times, and decided to move away from country/rock, to more of a pop sound, including disco.  They dropped “brush” from the end of their name to remove the country connotation and started going by the name Sage.  Disco was the hot new sound and the band had to learn an entire new list of songs, focusing on current tunes.

1990 – “Anything Goes”


Mike Grover – bass, Mick Staebell – keys, Wayne Risvold – guitar, Mike McGourty – drums

Anything Goes was a four-piece classic rock band that played together for more than a decade. This band featured Mick on keyboards, along with a drummer, bass and electric guitar.  Mick’s last official gig was at Sunnyside Country Club in Waterloo on December 31, 2000.

2001 – present


Mick started performing solo shows in January of 2001 and continues today, playing at piano bars, nightclubs, ballrooms and private events across the state.  He also has a Dueling Piano show which plays at corporate parties and other major venues around the state. Mick still performs over 50 shows a year.

During his 40 year music career, Mick has performed at over 100 different venues throughout the state, including the Surf Ballroom, the Iowa State Fair, Lake Okoboji, Sturgis Falls, Val Air Ballroom, the Electric Park, as well as many other locations around the state.

“Music is a gift from God and I honor my mother and father for exposing me to this great gift at such an early age.  I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful people through my music.”