Buck Clark
Mayor, Waterloo, IA

Buck Clark

My name is Buck Clark and I am the current Mayor of Waterloo, Iowa. Previous to my political life I owned and operated a handful of eating/drinking/entertaining venues in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area.

I first got to know Mick Staebell through my operation of a local drinking establishment known as “The Cellar” in Waterloo. The Cellar is a very unique, eclectic venue located in the basement of a one hundred year old building in downtown Waterloo. I featured live music on Friday and Saturday and early on, Mick Staebell was recommended to me as an outstanding piano player. I booked Mick into the Cellar and it was the beginning of a long and fabulous relationship with Mick on both a professional and personal basis.

Following The Cellar I built and operated a Piano bar, also in Waterloo, known as “Monica’s”. Monica’s was an upscale Piano, Martini, Cigar lounge which featured a baby grand piano with a bar rail around the entire piano. Mick was a frequent performer at Monica’s and there was no one else who could engage the crowd and play and sing like Mick. Mick was always a favorite at Monica’s and he drew a regular crowd that he always treated like family.

Mick is fabulous on the key board, he can sing and perform and is a huge asset to the music culture in the State of Iowa. I cannot imagine a more deserving honor for Mick than to be inducted into the Iowa Music Hall of Fame.

Mayor Buck Clark, Waterloo Iowa

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